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With a patented technology in all major markets worldwide and backed by an award winning clinical study, RODI NK plus™ is the product that rocks the boat in the field of fertility.

Designed, developed and supported by expert physicians and scientists in cooperation with the RODI Fertility® research & development center, its thoughtful and rich formulation contains 40 rare-to-find fatty acids and 25mcg (1000UI) of vitamin D3 that contributes to the normal function of the immune system in the period before trying for a baby.

Allow us to clarify something...

RODI NK plus™ is not just an omega-3 fatty acids combination product. Our patented technology guarantees a formula that specifically extracts and encapsulates mono- and poly-unsaturated fatty acids that you have, probably, never heard of before, with their combination altogether contributing to the equilibrium of a, potentially, aggressive immune system when trying for a baby.

RODI NK Plus™ is a patented technology that supports your fertility and is designed by doctors in cooperation with RODI Fertility's research & development center.

Published  and  Award Winning  clinical studies.

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When to take

You can take RODI NK Plus™ for 40 consecutive days before you start trying for a baby.

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RODI NK plus™

RODI NK plus™ is based on a patented technology and has more than 40 rare-to-find mono and poly-unsaturated fatty acids, extracted in such a manner that encapsulates all the natural treasures your body needs to prepare for a baby.

α-linolenic acid (ALA) & linoleic acid (LA) essential fatty acids. Essential fatty acids are needed for normal growth and development of children.

Vitamin D contributes to:
  • the normal function of the immune system
  • the normal absorption/ utilization of calcium and phosphorus
  • the maintenance of normal bones
  • the maintenance of normal muscle function and normal teeth

Superior forms of ingredients

Each vial contains thoughtfully selected 40 rare-to-find fatty acids such as miristic acid, palmitic acid, oleic acid, LA: linoleic acid, ALA: a-linoleic acid, GLA: γ-linoleic acid, behenic acid, erucic acid, lignoceric acid, gondonic acid and more, plus vitamin D3 and antioxidants.

Fatty Acids ...

Vitamin E

Vitamin D3 ...

25mcg (1000UI)

Vitamin D3

Tocopherols ...


How to take

Take 1 vial daily in the morning preferably on an empty stomach.

Shake it and drink it directly from the vial or mix it with your favorite juice. It has natural aromas of forest berries you will enjoy.

You can take RODI NK plus™ for 40 consecutive days before you start trying for a baby. Each pack contains 20 single dose vials of 15ml each.


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Miscarriage is the spontaneous loss within the first three months of a pregnancy. More than 25% of recognized pregnancies will end in a miscarriage.

Miscarriages may happen for many reasons: chromosomal aberrations, uterine abnormalities, hormonal or metabolic disturbances, thrombophilia’s, infectious agents and immunological imbalances. About 50% of pre-clinically lost embryos and 95% of those clinically lost have a normal karyotype and most of these losses are of immune aetiology ( autoimmune and alloimmune).

In alloimmune miscarriages, the embryo is recognised as foreign by the mother since half of the genetic material comes from the father’s sperm and she “rejects” it.

Clinical studies have demonstrated that women who tend to miscarry have increased blood Natural Killer (NK) cells and activity, all of which have been associated with miscarriages of chromosomally normal embryos. A Th1-type immune response prevails, in which sensitized Th1 lymphocytes secrete inflammatory cytokines leading to delayed hypersensitivity reactions and the destruction of trophoblast by NK cells and cytotoxic antibodies causing miscarriages.

A simple test of flow cytometry for the detection of NK cell disturbances (increase of CD3-CD16+CD56+ cells) is now days routinely used for the identification of women with a potential alloimmune etiology to miscarry.

In case of normal NK cell activity: 20%.
In case of increased NK cell activity: 75%!

Studies say that creating an immunomodulation (balancing the NK cells) within the genital tract prior to conception (IVF-Natural Cycle-ICIS) and during the first trimester of pregnancy may result to an important improvement in live birth rate.

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